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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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american community. liberalism nearly destroyed black america. now it's time for black america to return the favor. >> greta: hi specter. the growth at the gate. just me. hello, eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, and brian kilmeade. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." as the summer races forward, so does the race debate in america. stand your ground gave way to stop and frisk, now "the butler" hottest movie of the summer has a director that says america is more racist since president obama took office than before. more on that in a moment. first, we know the zimmerman trial ended weeks ago. i was stunned when i saw a brand new political attack ad which
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reenac reenacts the night trayvon martin crossed paths with george zimmerman. it is dramatic, provocative, is it fair. before we show the ad, we must warn you it is dramatic. beware if you have kids, especially younger kids watching. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> okay. all right, sir, what is your name? >> george. >> he is yelling help? >> yes. there's gunshots. get down! >> who is saying they shot who. >> a guy is raising his hands up, saying he shot the person. >> kg, this group called coalition to stop gun violence.
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using actual 911 tapes to re-enact. did they go over the line for their cause? >> they're trying to say they determined in fact what the evidence is, what the facts are in the case, and disregard the trial, verdict and outcome. this is a political ad obviously, they're trying to achieve a specific political purpose. seems like they'll do anything to get that end. >> bob, the group calls this a public service announcement. it is seen as more of an anti-gun attack ad. >> public service as far as i am concerned. this is not about trayvon martin, it is about stand your ground laws, they're a license to kill people, proven in florida and other places and i'm glad they have it. i wish i had a million bucks to give them to buy time for it. >> at the end of the ad, had 26 bodies lined up and name of the state, saying these are the states with stand your ground laws. the point is they're trying to create awareness around stand your ground, which states have it. >> he was acquitted, not based
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on stand your ground. get the facts here. >> the way president obama did and eric holder did. dana, they're trying to raise money to get it on tv. >> now it is on "the five." and it will probably be other places, from a pr perspective, hat's off to them. i think this is a solution in search of a problem. trying to if i can some way to gin up excitement to get the stand your ground laws overturned. maybe they will be successful in some of the states. i kind of doubt it if you look at the gun control battles across the country. there's the congressional one and then the individual states. all of them are failing. no, i don't think the ad will do too much. >> bk? >> unbelievably produced, whether you like the message or not, well done. you can't turn away from that, seeing the bodies at the end gets the message across. however, the message as you said is looking for the problem,
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great message, there's no problem. stand your ground didn't play a role in the biggest case. i was fascinated by the stat after the verdict, a third of stand your ground cases were used for african-americans in florida. that's double the proportion of the population in florida. this isn't a black or white or hispanic issue. this is an issue of protect yourself or is it a license for murder. protect yourself for the gun owners, license for murder for those that think it is too liberal. >> kg, the prosecution was thinking of doing something like this, whatever they put up there fell far short of this. can they do something like that? >> here is the thing, because the judge didn't allow them to put in quite a bit of evidence they sought to introduce in front of the jury. turns out they did not need it. the judge as many people, pundits that were watching the trial practiced attorneys that try cases thought the judge made some rulings she shouldn't have. i think this is one of them. this type of evidence is helpful
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and probative to a jury. >> thoughts, you want to move on? >> it is 55 minutes before the hour. >> 56. >> 56. sorry. this is a much bigger, this is not about trayvon martin, this is a bigger issue about whether somebody can walk around this country and feel threatened, your own determination. if i feel threatened, i can take a gun and shoot and kill somebody. that could me is a dangerous environment in which to have anybody living, let alone dying. >> i'm not sure that's the standard. i think you have to be fearful of your life. prove it. >> how do you prove that? you say i am fearful, so what. >> sometimes it doesn't add up you're fearful, you look at the situation, same as we just went through. >> let's move on, lee daniels, director of the movie "the butler" was asked last night if he thinks america is more racist now since president obama came into office. watch. >> i think that people are angry
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that he's president and i think that they're showing their true colors. i think that you know when danny strong wrote those words, any black man could be killed by any white man and get away with it, trayvon martin had not happened. i end the movie with hope, you know, he's walking down and obama is giving that famous speech, you know, and then i come out of my edit room and trayvon martin has happened. so yeah, i think so. sadly, i think so. >> your thoughts. by the way, i don't know the answer. did you know this guy, the butler? >> i think i had a chance to come across him but didn't know him personally. when barbara bush saw the movie, said it brought her to tears. it is a wonderful story. danny strong is an excellent producer and amazing writer. that doesn't necessarily mean it is an exact story telling of lee
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butler's life, the butler's life. i want to comment before you take it around the table whether or not we are more of a racist country than before, if there are race problems in america. i look around, i think at the highest levels of government, some of the best entertainers in journalism and media, all across business, you have lots more diversity than when i was a kid. i think we've come a long way. i think personally i've come a long way. i don't think it is worse than before. >> is media pumping up playing the race card? when i say media, saying things like this and oprah, you know, promoing the film using racial terms, race baiting. >> this is clear. does president obama get elected without white people voting? absolutely not. number two, people have amnesia. people hated george bush. people hated bill clinton.
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it was personal, it was about their party, it was about their beliefs, but no one said i don't like him because he is from arkansas or from texas or he is from connecticut. i think when people look at barack obama, they love his policies, they hate his policies, i don't think they hate him. and i don't see the resentment because he's black. i don't see it. >> i want to see this movie, i absolutely want to see it. i understand it is very entertaining. i also understand it is loosely based on fact, more based on fiction. the butler -- >> i know who he is. >> not from georgia, he is from virginia. mom wasn't raped by a white man, father wasn't killed by the white man that raped his mom. it seems like they're playing a lot of race cards. >> talked to a friend of mine in the white house, he reminded me who this guy was, and then i remembered him. i didn't know about his background or anything about the story. he was a pleasant guy, had been there a long time, many of the people as dana will tell you, a lot of them that served in the
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white house have been there years and years and years. i think the chief butler was there for, i don't know, seems to me 40 years. but -- >> that's a different guy? >> no, the chief -- >> the chief of the butlers. >> there's a chief of the butlers? >> yeah. listen, here's the thing. what dana was saying, to say that, to suggest anything about barack obama, people hating him because he is black, i don't buy that a second. people that are racist didn't like him to start with. is racism worse today, i don't think so. it has gotten personally better since i worked in the civil rights movement, i can tell you that. >> i agree. and we should continue to move forward, not hold people down, stir up race problems and conflict just to achieve your own political purpose. i think that is reckless. i think we should try to move forward in a positive way with all of the accomplishments. we have a black president. we have many people in positions of power and influence running
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this country and contributing from all different walks of life, different socioeconomic backgrounds, different ethnicities, it is a great place to be. >> more poor black children today than before. >> and you have quite a bit of poor white children as well. and a lot of poverty among whites. >> talk about one of the reasons why, though, a lot of policies in place, especially for urban america haven't worked. >> no, they haven't worked. and i go back, said it before, i'll repeat it. those of us on the left have a lot of responsibility for particularly public housing and welfare which basically we helped breed three generations of attendant people. >> how do you reverse it. >> it is already beginning to be reversed. public housing is much less of -- >> here is the question. are entitlement programs, spending more on food stamps and other entitlement programs,
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isn't there a correlation? >> it is not the case we're spending more on entitlement and welfare. we're spending more certainly on social security and medicare, medicaid, but in terms of poverty programs, they have been cut. >> no, we're spending more now than we spent in our existence for welfare and poverty programs. >> did you see cuba gooding, jr., has been here before, says there's a disconnect with the civil rights movement and history of it, and i think the movie opens that dialogue so you can make your decision as an african-american or an american. what is the difference? am i italian, irish, the decision as a white american? >> people are still trying to figure out what you are. >> i am a hybrid, okay? >> can we update a story here, stop and frisk update in new york city, showed the largest gun bust in new york city history. we have a table with the guns laid out. do we have that picture?
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>> picture a table full of guns on it. >> exactly. >> brian, there was a 911 call or e-mail. >> there are the guns, bolling. >> there you are. thank goodness. >> 45 guns that were confiscated from someone who said they were concerned about walking around with the guns because they're worried about stop and frisk. >> they get an intercept. it was released yesterday. here is the quote from one of the guys in charge. i can't take them to my house. i'm in brownsville, new york. we got like watch ma call it, stop and frisk. 23-year-old alleged gunman kept his gun down south because of stop and frisk, not bringing it. >> can i say the message of this also was one isolated incident, but these came from north and south carolina, where there are lax gun control laws, most of them find the way to washington, d.c., new york, chicago.
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>> where do they go, bob? >> they go to new york city. >> into the hands of criminals. >> that's right. arming the criminals. >> who by the way i would like to stop, question and frisk. >> because the states allow you to buy guns indiscriminately, north and south carolina and virginia is the worst. >> i want them stopped. if i have reasonable suspicion criminal activity is afoot and they're armed with a weapon, i want to take it. >> and plaxico before he shot himself in the foot, would still probably be on the giants. >> who? >> burris. >> i should not have brought it up. we have an nfl segment coming up. outrage after four state department officials are punished following benghazi attack are allowed on the job. why did secretary of state john kerry quietly clear them to return to work today. find out next on "the five." don't go away. ♪
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the first anniversary of the 9/11 attack on our consulate in benghazi is just weeks away. more americans were killed that day, still no one responsible has been held accountable. at the state department, secretary kerry absolved anyone in charge of any negligence. >> the state department has determined that the four officials that were placed on administrative lee following the independent benghazi accountability review board's report should be reassigned to different positions within the department and they will be returning to work. the state department's own review over the last month reaffirmed the findings of the arb, that there was no breach of duty by the employees and coupled with efforts to strengthen security, the right answer for these four was reassignment. >> okay. august, that's when all of the news comes out. they decided these four mid level employees, in case you didn't catch that. hillary clinton said after benghazi said i'm taking these four employees, put them on administrative leave. they have been on administrative leave since about september 30.
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definitely paid. now they're getting reassigned in the department. maybe they determined they haven't done anything wrong. >> i tell you what then, what did hillary -- she said i have two great americans, thomas pickering and admiral mullen, they did the study, concluded these four really were egregiously out of line and recommended they be reassigned or let go and certainly reprimanded, so they are. that was the conclusion of the review board, which has cited over and over to say the republicans are ginning up a scandal that doesn't exist. now what essentially kerry is saying the review board was wrong. he sees nothing. these two looked and analyzed it, john kerry, one man, secretary of state. they said it stopped here, wasn't the undersecretary, wasn't the secretary of state, the problem was here. now john kerry says there was no problem. then what was the problem? four people are dead! >> eric, one of the key questions is who is the highest level official at the state
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department that saw the cable from ambassador stevens requesting more help. who is that? it shouldn't be that hard to find out. >> no one knows. part of the problem is this is the accountability review board, arb, no one talks about. here is what it says. says no employee breached their duty or should be fired. some should be reassigned. if they didn't do anything wrong, why not put them in the jobs they were in before. does it not sound like they're trying to -- hey, it has been a year, get them back in the system. >> could it be that somebody else filled those positions while they were on administrative leave? bob, you worked at the state department. it is not the easiest place to figure out. >> one of these guys was deputy assistant secretary of state as was i. >> call that a scrub. >> that's right. >> i think mid level --
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>> also imply assistant. >> these are not -- i think what kerry did was go back, look at it, make a determination that these people in fact did not do enough egregious things to warrant being dismissed from the state department, but that they should be reassigned. i think the idea of them going to the old jobs, can you imagine the uproar from republicans if they did? >> bob, no formal disciplinary action. >> lois lerner of the irs has been on administrative leave, she will be back. >> of course. this administration isn't interested in investigating or prosecuting anyone unless it is a white house reporter, james rosen. honestly, when you look at the history here, they're going to say they waited for enough time to pass. kerry, clintons, everybody all are playing ball together, kumbaya. he is going to say, almost done, bob, put them back in their
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positions. he insulted these findings and the admiral, there should be a reckoning and accountability at the election. >> can i say one thing? you have a spec on your shoulder. >> the other thing on the administrative review board, remember they didn't talk to hillary clinton, the secretary, until after the findings were put together. >> that's my point. you're saying pickering and mullen, they were so fantastic. i'm not sure they were good. >> weren't good enough they're saying. >> i don't think they leaned on hillary to find out about what she knew, when she knew it. >> this thing was careers. anyone has a problem with the benghazi investigation, they say we did the review board. we have this conclusion. >> forgot to interview the most important person. >> the person should say the review board was great, impeccable, hillary clinton said i looked at the review board democrat, and they were wrong. they deserved -- >> can i ask you a question.
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you had over 20 hearings by issa on benghazi and nothing, i mean nothing has shown itself to be illegal. so what is it, how much farther do you want to go? keep it going another five years? >> i do until we get the answers. i'll keep it going. >> here is the thing. somebody knows. >> why can't they have a congressional hearing. >> you tell me why the state department is stalling on all this information. why is that? >> they've all been interviewed. >> hillary 2016 campaign. deal with it. that's what's going on. >> very important question. you know around the show during the benghazi attacks, general hamm. >> where's he been? >> seriously, yeah, where are you? he retired very quickly after the benghazi -- >> why do you think, coverup.
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>> you want to know something? we have a lot of investigative journalists. let's knock on the general's door. >> where are the guys that killed our guys. >> i say no one was held accountable, what i wanted to say, no one has been arrested. they did that indictment for the international terrorists that they haven't been able to find, so you're coming up on the anniversary and not a single person is responsible, forget the state department. maybe they didn't do anything. say they didn't do anything wrong, it was circumstances, but we haven't even been able to do anything to get the people that actually perpetrated the terror attacks. that's my point. >> the security guy, he resigned, borough or something like that. he was a state department head of security, he got out. >> and then he testified later. >> only guy to pay the price, hicks. he was demoted and he was a whistleblower. >> he was a whistleblower. that's the deal. >> we have more to talk about,
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about egypt. coming up, bob has some of these what you call dating do's and don'ts. it will be a date etiquette session you will not want to miss ahead on "the five." ♪
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♪ by the way, this is the first time i have been introduced by an elo song. if you can name every member, there's a special prize. >> what is elo? >> electric light orchestra. curriculum adopted by 45 states in america known as common core facing opposition. a program supported by the obama administration, brought up during the convention as essentially their program. it is a grade by grade outline of what children should know to
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be ready for college and beyond. critics argue it doesn't set high enough standards for students. recent video showing it from the common core structure is adding fuel to the fire. >> even under the new common core, if they said 3 times 4 was 11, if they were able to explain the reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer in words, in an oral explanation and show in the picture they got the final number wrong, we're really more focusing on the how. >> you would be correcting them? >> absolutely, absolutely. we want our students to compute correctly, but the emphasis is really moving more towards the explanation. >> they set the standards but they don't tell -- the governors association came together with this program, set the standards but didn't get lesson plans, didn't say read this textbook. it is kind of loose, a lot of interpretation causing people concern. >> watching this debate unfold in the past several months. is
11:31 pm
noticed. i'm now over 40. i don't have children. don't have anybody in the schools. i watch it a little removed from the situation. i don't have children i am trying to raise to make sure they have the information they need to be success. . i do think this on this controversy. i don't believe that anybody wants bad schools. i don't think people want to have unsuccessful students. i think everybody stops questioning the motives of everybody, that would be a good first step. i am for a measuring stick. i think that's a good idea. unions have a decent point, we don't want to teach to the test. that's what some of the changes are trying to accomplish. i am not opposed to states working together to solve a problem, and lowered expectations of students in some states or some school districts was not -- was a crime, i mean, that is criminal. >> the unions are worried about teachers and how they will be evaluated. >> i am worried how teachers
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will evaluate the kids. they opened it up to subjectivity on what's wrong. three times four is 11. i will tell you why, and still get partial credit? we will set the bar too low to compete against china. >> thank you. >> even ireland. >> race to the top linked to this. during the democratic convention, even though not in president obama's program, he embraced it, funded it. kimberly, is this a controversial situation or people trying to do right. >> it is a problem when he tells me three plus three is nine, got me? want to explain your way out of it, you have to get it right. learn it, memorize it, work with the program. i think like dana says, everyone wants to see students do well. different philosophy and approaches how to do it. i don't think lowering the standard to allow subjectivity, i am not sure that's the right
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path to educational greatness or competency >> i am not saying e conservative, i say florida parents are willing to drop it. indiana, too controversial, we're out of it. >> federal obama administration initiative, this came from 45 state educators. it also is supported by somebody i give a lot of credit to that understands education, jeb bush. if he tells me this is a good idea, and one example, yeah, but the fact of the matter, the core curriculum needed in math and english is something we need to set standards on. do you want to be put under by an anesthesiologist who thinks three times four is 11, but here is a good reason why it is so? >> i think i had that already. >> well done. >> going to be interesting. i don't think it cuts on party lines but seems as though president obama is embracing it, a lot of people think like race
11:34 pm
to the top, if they put this in, they get a lot of federal money and you don't. race to the top you get money if you win the race. with this, you don't get money. in california they felt as though they were mislead. >> thank you very much, brian, for that. go to a tease now. >> am i going to have trouble topping this? >> kimberly will top it next. >> i'll top you now, bring it! >> kimberly factors into the tease. a lot of football fans aren't happy about the nfl strict bag policy. kimberly guilfoyle, pictured there is one of them. she will tell you why she's upset a little later. newest member of the first family made her white house debut. kimberly will introduce you just ahead on "the five."
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♪ all right, ladies, listen up. if you're planning on going to a football game this season, you're going to have to pack light. sometimes that's no easy task. for example, i usually carry an amazing purse like this. >> to a game? >> everywhere. >> you never know. i could be dropped from a helicopter with a pack and survive. now, it is large enough to fit all my stuff like makeup, i have two pairs of sunglasses, depending who you try to impress. i have footsies, like ballerina
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shoes. i have this to spray it, that's the deal. the nfl wants me to bring this, not so attractive. you can get it for free, okay, but -- and you're not getting any dates, unless you're looking to date bachelor bob because all your personal things will show. guys will think you're high maintenance. you have no mystery with the clear bag. >> i am completely with you. how many husbands and children do you know that act like can i put my sunglasses in there, you become the pack mule of the family at the football game. >> key holder, ipads, cell phones. >> guys don't ask the wives to carry things. i think this is the greatest thing ever. then you won't have the hey, honey, hold this for me. >> there was the first satellite launch by the russians looked
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like this bag. this is for security reasons. you don't need to carry all this crap. >> this is getting crazy, so tsa. if you're looking ale. if you go with bolling, you have to have this. >> brian, you wear a man bag or fanny pack. >> number one, i wouldn't do that. you have to understand. unless you're working the game, this is your liberation. now you can't bring a bag. >> i want to. >> it forces you to live in your pockets. >> you need stuff. you need a sweater, hat, sunglasses. >> you can buy it at the souvenir stand. >> you say we live in our pockets, men do, women can carry this stuff around. i don't even have a coat jacket, i wear this. pockets. >> this is my makeup bag! >> that's your makeup bag?
11:42 pm
let me see that thing. you have to make a choice. first of all, women bring these bags in, clutter up the whole stadium. really, i stepped on them before in stadiums. >> talk about why, trying to guard against a terrorist attack. kimberly, hold up your bag. do you know how much explosive you can fit in there? >> i take out a lot of people. >> in about 100 plus days, the super bowl in new york city. you want a magic day for terrorists. bring a clear bag. go to the game. enjoy the football game. >> you complain about the toiletries and bags to go on airplanes. >> i do complain about that. >> you do? >> i totally do. >> i don't carry toiletries. >> that's apparent, let me tell you. >> that's very funny. listen, most people are not like you and carry four tons of crap. and you don't need it.
11:43 pm
you don't need it. >> i do. i am always prepared for everything. >> what if you're going to the game, get invited by a guy, you go to the game, and you have this bag. first of all, one, that's embarrassing, it is not attractive. maybe the fashion designers will figure it out, you'll have cute bags. what if you don't want to go home. this is a global warming problem. they'll cause more transportation. you have to go home, get your bag, go to the hamptons, for example. >> you can see exhibition games they had the policy, they had to stash bags under the cement. >> this reduces my carbon foot print. did you think about that? calves don't hit me, people see me, i reflect. >> there's nothing you need to carry to a game men don't need to carry to a game. >> what about a sweater? >> god, bob, i mean, really.
11:44 pm
>> it's true. >> you're so inappropriate. >> that's why you put it in a clear plastic bag. >> bob, honestly. can i go? good. up next. a very important question. should women help pick up the tab on a date? our very own nasty bachelor bob has his finger on the pulse about how most men in america feel about that. the answer might surprise you next on "the five." if you haven't seen enough! ♪
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♪ let's not show pictures of kimberly's feet. she dropped her bag on it. if you're a bachelor like me, going on dates can be pretty expensive. just last week, took a new lady friend on a carriage ride through central park twice. cost me more than 400 bucks. that didn't even include dinner. i am a gentleman, old school. i always pick up the tab. would you believe nearly two-thirds of men think women
11:49 pm
should split the bill with them? i don't know who you cheap skates are, but fine. here is my rule. if the woman invites you for the date, she should pick up the tab. >> what? >> no, get out of here. >> if you like her, you should pay. >> i know the blocks are down to 16 seconds. >> here is what i think. there's women would be a turnoff, you insist paying, it shows you do not think they're equal, that you have to take care of them. i agree with you, bob, you have to know who's asking you out. if the woman is bold enough to ask you out in a sadie hawkins fashion, you have to continue to play that role, take control. >> you are so old fashioned right now. >> some of the guys got married out of high school. >> tailed off on the dating. my wife tends to frown on it. i watch dating shows, "love
11:50 pm
american style". >> when was the last time you were on a date before you were married? >> 16 years ago. >> how about you. >> a long time. >> kimberly? the expert. do you ever pay? >> yes, i have, absolutely. it depends on the circumstances. i don't do that, not like julia entitlement obama girl. i believe it is nice to share, nice to offer. get them little presents. but i don't think you should ee mass cue late a man. be courteous, thank them, try to do something nice. >> if you don't think they have the money. >> you don't want to say -- if you know their financial circumstances, perhaps your means are greater than theirs, then i think you should. >> you have had five husbands. >> i do not have five husbands, i try to tell them that, they believe you. >> i don't think women should
11:51 pm
pay until the fourth date. >> why? i agree with you, but why. >> we want to be wooed. you shouldn't disrupt the natural selection. >> i think we ask men to do everything. i think on this one that if on a fourth date, you think you're going to continue dating, as th take you out. then that could be a signal. >> haven't said much. >> been a long time. look, if you have a meeting with a female, i am inclined to pay also, if i have a lunch date, i want to pay. also my son, i tell him, you have a date, you pay. that's fine. what happens with same gender couples? >> this is a whole different -- a whole new level. >> did you really have to go there? >> if you look at the studies, i
11:52 pm
would say most people in the study would say women and men should be paid the same amount for every job, right? however, most people think men should pay for all of the dates. that's a disconnect. >> before we get off my block of 16 seconds, most expensive cities to date in. do we have that? this is the most expensive. chicago, new york city, los angeles, seattle, san francisco. if you're out there, dudes, be careful. >> you have to be kidding me. >> least expensive cities, phoenix, denver, tampa, dallas -- >> it doesn't mean it is a cheap date, it means you get more for your money. >> one more thing up next!
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test test. ♪
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you're not made of money, so don't overpay for at insurance. geico, you're not made of money, see how much you could save. time for one more thing. dana, kick it off. >> i have the best one more thing. you'll love it. everybody knows the show "breaking bad." it is a great show, too violent for me but many people love it. some people are upset and ridiculous if they can't watch it. listen to this 911 call. >> 911. >> hi, i'm just trying to figure out what's going on, we have no tv. >> 911 is for life threatening
11:57 pm
emergency. >> i know that. i know that. >> is this a life threatening emergency? >> no, we're just trying to find out what's going on. is it a life threatening time? >> i suggest that you call cable vision or whoever your provider is. >> can you get in trouble for that? >> she should get fined for that. >> that's bad. >> you're up, kg. >> this is what i want to talk about, oh, my goodness, a dog segment, about sunny obama, the latest addition to the obama clan. there's sunny. she's a portugese water dog like her brother, bo. they're frolicking. michelle obama thought bo needs company. now he is a happy camper. >> being in the white house would be a total bummer. >> a gift from ted kennedy. >> a beautiful dog. very nice. i am happy for the family and for the girls, the whole deal.
11:58 pm
>> very nice. >> robert in. >> is it me? a friend of dana, michael gersten wrote one of the most amazing columns about your kid going to college the first time. taking my son off for the second time. this is the first time i took him off to college. it is very tough to do it. he catches it and i urge all of you, if you don't get to watch the post, go online. sending the kids off, it is a traumatic experience. it is bittersweet, best i can say about it. keep the bedroom warm, okay? >> i am not looking forward to that whatsoever. >> i remember when i went. >> tough times. >> i couldn't wait to get out of there! >> me, too. >> i ran out to the car. >> roll it. i'll explain. >> you have a tip from a viewer
11:59 pm
about something not quite a tense city. >> this is the new jersey underbelly, i had to gain their trust down the path where some lived for 10, 20 years. >> i can't count on my fingers. >> i wanted to talk about, chasing new jersey. i found out a new show, new way of delivering news, like tmz meeting the news. my former producer jerry burke is putting it on. it was kind of cool. >> and between 12 and 2, history will be made, fox news talk summit, celebrity summit will be taking place live between 12 and 2 on fox news radio all-stars and everywhere else. alan colmes , tom sullivan, john gibson. it will air on fox business network at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. on saturday. >> two hours. >> since greg gutfeld is not here, can i say --
12:00 am
>> you have guests on the show? >> no guests. >> i swear. if i am not on, i am irritated. >> that's it for "the five." see you tomorrow, everybody. bret baier on deck. welcome to "red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld who is hammering out the details of a plea bargain. let's go to jedediah bila for our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, america's sweetheart. you are as adorable as ever. >> thank you. >> some members of the 1972 miami dolphins will be skipping a white house ceremony about their win. tonight's outrage hating panel is outraged. and a new poll which ask is the hottest, the dumb